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Why Dance?

Because dance is the poetry of theatre.

Because so much is gathered at the point of performance – phenomenal physical discipline developed through years of constant practice, astonishing feats of memory, everything mutually and crucially dependent on the precise care of others.

Because body, mind and spirit are concentrated into a single moment that ennobles human endeavour; every body can respond to that.Because dancers dare to present themselves honestly before you, stripped of theatrical defences – the vehicle of narrative, the mask of character: their personalities, their sexualities, their intelligence naked on the stage.

Because dance demands of you the closest concentration since it defies repetition or recording, slinging ideas through the flesh so fast that they are barely comprehensible.

Because dance speaks across cultures and often melts them, needing no translation.

Because dance can effortlessly encompass the diversity of democracies.

Because dance reaches out as a natural collaborator.

Because dance brings latest news from the front line, ideas in motion, letting you discover that yes, that’s the way the world moves us now.

Because of all the live arts, only dance can rival the speed and density of image of the new digital media.

Because the exuberance of the dancer’s youth is often endowed with the wisdom of the choreographer’s experience.

Because dance is group creation that requires the highest ensemble playing.

Because dancers are the most modest of magnificent artists, humbled by the daily decline of their physical instrument.

Because the integrity of dance is so rarely compromised.

John Ashford
‘The Place London’